The head office of the “10 Dogan” private company is established in Ashgabat and is currently considered one of the trading and industrial companies in Turkmenistan. 

The private company maintains close and active cooperation with the best dependable productive establishments of public and private sector of Turkmenistan. The company offers joint cooperation in the field interregional cooperation, based on the wholesale and export of agricultural products, trade, construction materials, as well as manufactured food products to domestic markets and exports to foreign markets. 

The company participates actively in international exhibitions. It is actively involved in the development of various industries, the creation of innovative production for the production of goods with high competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. Being a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan (TUIE), the company is a comprehensive list of all interested parties, including foreign companies on a mutually beneficial base, agricultural products, foodstuffs, construction materials. 

The private company provides communication  with foreign partners, guarantees services: consulting, development of project documents, products and equipment in various fields of the agricultural complex, as well as the best technological companies of the region. The presence of experienced managers and regional countries, including CIS countries, Iran and Pakistan as well as experienced businessmen, who are considered to be skilled in their work, as well as private networks of management, warehousing and production facilities and capacities in Turkmenistan from high-technological and high-industrial for goods and production equipment.”10 Dogan” private company offers its partners a beneficial and flexible environment for its new and strategic partnership. 

The main task of our company is to study the needs of our partners, to develop a personal marketing strategy and to carry out the work in a limited time. “10 Dogan” private company gives a good opportunity for the expansion of trade, economic and industrial sectors with local and foreign customers, the development of bilateral mutually beneficial international cooperation.